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1994 Ford Ranger: 4 x 4 extended cab:  Automatic Transmission.  V6 with 4.0L engine.    Brakes just went out and service guy said anywhere from $300 to $800 to fix. 

Brake line going from front of car to rear brakes, is leaking.  so no brakes. They said that the gas tank has to be removed in order to get up underneath to fix the break

lines,  Truck has about 225,000 miles,  and was still running good.  Interior is in excellent shape for a car this old,  exterior is just starting to show signs of rust.  minimal

rust on back tail gate, and air conditioner line broke a few years back so it is not working now,  There is a crack in the window that happened probably 8 years ago and

I just left it that way.  some rust by where muffler comes from underneath the car, because muffler bracket rusted off and is not supporting it now.   and there was some

dents on the cab that were bondoed and repainted.   some lumber fell on it way back and was fixed but bondo cracked, and had to be re-done.  The truck is a single

owner vehicle.  I have all maintenance records for the entire history of the vehicle.  The Breaks do not work, so you can not drive it home if you choose to buy it.  It still

appears to run fine.





window crack

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